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Comes standard with

- Roll Tarp

- 100mm heavy duty rocking axle on tandem axle

- 10 inch or 204mm discharge auger

- Totally Hydraulic driven

- Remote controlled

- Hopper made of 3mm thick material

- Two inspection windows at front and rear

- Low soil compaction design

- Soft ride and very stable full or empty

- Bin made of 3mm thick material

- Grease lines Banked on either side of bin

- Over size sign

Chaser Seed/Fert.


Also called as Haulout Bin, Haul-out Bin, Grain Cart, Grain Wagon, Bulk Bin, Grain Buggy, Harvest Bin, Modular Grain Bin, Grain Bin, Steel Bin, Seed & Fertilizer Bin

Has a special, extremely large heavy duty rocking axle, giving the bin a smooth ride full or empty at speed.

Soil compaction is becoming a issue, the Norrish Bin has approximately half the soil compaction of large single axle bin with high tyre pressures.

Seed Fertilizer Bin

Bin Sizes
20 ton tandem axle on Four (4) 24.5 x 32 14ply tyres
24 ton tandem axle on Four (4) 24.5 x 32 14ply tyres

Optional Equipment
Additional windows
Weigh Cells
Feed out tube

Firer fighting kit

Tail lights

Bagging off chute

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