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Seed Treater.


Grain Pickler, Inoculant Dispenser, Inoculant applicator


Designed & manufactured by Norrish Service Group Bakers Hill W.A.

Seed treating is primarily carried out to protect seed and seedlings from fungal attack.

Treating quality seed will allow the seed to survive and produce a viable plant as well as resist disease.

Treatment of seeds is good crop insurance with benefits gained in direct proportion to the accuracy of seed coverage by the treating material.

Only seed treated with the proper amount of dressing will be of benefit, any more or less will subtract from the benefits paid for the materials or may harm the seed.

Proper seed treating has four components

  1. 1. calculating the grain flow rate

  2. 2. calculating the treating material flow rate

  3. 3. knowing the correct quantity of treating material per tonne of seed

  4. 4. coating all the seed evenly with the correct treatment rate


The crop treating benefit is diminished if any component is not accurate.


Treating grain in an auger gives you a 50% plus treatment accuracy rate. Grain in direct initial contact may receive 200% to 300% more of the rate required and the remainder receives variable amounts down to 0 %. This inaccuracy costs you money.


Treating grain with a Norrish Seed Dressing Liquid Applicator it is possible to get 85% - 90% plus coverage if the calculations of grain and applying liquid do not exceed the Norrish Seed dressing liquid applicators capabilities.


The Norrish Seed Dressing Liquid Applicator is very simple to operate it is a matter of hanging the applicator onto the output chute of your auger, calculate the discharge rate of the auger and set the pressures of the liquid applicator to give you the correct flow rate of the treating material. This can be done directly into the truck at seeding time or into storage silos depending on user requirements. You maybe able to adapted your existing pump

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