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  • 24hp only required

  • Totally hydraulic

  • No jacks or stands required

  • No need to level

  • 8-inch augers

  • Variable feed control

  • Clean grain sample chute

  • 4 super single tyres

  • Foldaway work platform

  • Easy to set

  • Simple to change screens

  •  8 screen included in initial cost



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The Kleen Mor grain cleaner is designed to answer the needs of the evolving grain industry.

Modern harvesting equipment is designed to handle large volumes, (primary cleaning process only) leaving secondary grain cleaning to machines like the Kleen Mor to give you a world quality product.

There is no equal to it in the industry, simple to use, easy to move and reasonably priced, allowing you the grower, to deliver quality grain to your buyer (canola, cereals or pulses), at the best quality for the best profit.

Co-operative Bulk Handling representatives commented on the Kleen Mor simplicity, strength and ease of operation.

Neil with a farming back ground is able to talk to farmers and understands their needs.

The machine comprises of a 9 ton holding bin (115 bags) extendable to 15 ½ ton (193 bags) and a seconds bin holding 5.6 ton (70 bags)

The screen area of the four screening barrels has a total area of 13.2mtrs.The scalping screen has a cleaning area of 3.3 square metres giving a total screening area with scalper option of 16.5 square metres with 20 plus different screens available.

All augers on the machine are eight (8) inch (200mm) diameter allowing you a screening rate of between twenty five (25) and fifty (50) ton per hour depending on the type of seed and amount of seconds you wish to take out. Selection of screen size is very important to achieve best results and tonnage per hour.

The Kleener is designed to be towed to the paddock by any farm vehicle, because of the Kleen Mor design, you do not require jacks or levelling machines, therefore the machine is ready to operate in seconds.

The grain to be cleaned is emptied into the main bin and the percentage of the screenings that are removed you control by regulating the infeed auger speed.

Another feature of the machine is the wall panels for the screens winched down and outwards allowing them to fold automatically into position to become work platforms allowing you to change screens easily.

If the scalper blower option is fitted this allows you to clean your grain to seeding quality. The scalper blower need not be operating if only small material needs removing.

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